AGCousinsStudios was created by cousins Katelyn and Marissa when Katelyn was 12 and Marissa was 11. Ever since then their channel has gained 10,000+ subscribers and over a million views total. Their first video came out on January 5, 2013. It is titled "Shake Up Christmas AGMV" and is a stopmotion-style video that features multiple dolls.

Dolls Edit

Marissa's Dolls: Edit

Erin (JLY #23)

Julie (Historical)

Josefina (Historical)

Felicity (Retired Historical)

Molly (Retired Historical)

Topanga (MAG #55)

Corey (Custom MAG #27)

Katelyn's Dolls: Edit

Madison (JLY # 23)

Sophie (JLY # 27)

Kit (Historical)

Quinn (Custom Samantha)

Adalynn (Custom MAG #44)

Marie-Grace (Historical)

Max (Custom MAG #39)

Gwendolyn (MAG #37)

Miriam (Renamed Grace)

Series Edit

Ask Gwen (March 16, 2014- May 24, 2015)

Storytime With Sophie (August 9, 2015)

*Manhattan Memories (October 11, 2015- Present)

Calling AG (February 22, 2014- Present)

*On Hiatus

Trivia Edit

They are friends with HGL Studios and collaborate with her occasionally.

Links Edit




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