YouTube\AGTube channel started: September 2 2018



AGSM Studios started collecting american girl dolls in the summer of 2016. The YouTube channel name was created in a very simple\easy way. Since AGSM Studios has a lot of agsm videos (agsm=american girl stop motion), and the word studios just sounds very cool with the word agsm, AGSM Studios was created!  AGSM Studios does not live near an ag store, which is why the majority of her dolls are rescue dolls (rescue dolls=dolls that were used before you). She has over 100 videos on her channel already! Other than filming (with her dolls) and photography (with her dolls), AGSM Studios likes singing! She loves Imagine Dragons, Taylor Swift, Maroon 5, and more! She also films a lot of agmv videos (agmv=american girl music video). She lives near a woods, and this year (in 2019) it will be taken down, please use the hashtag #SaveTheWoods on Instagram and\or on YouTube! She does not write scripts for her videos. AGSM Studios sometimes makes agsm videos and does not put them on YouTube, she waits (IDK). She is (of course) an ag doll YouTube channel, but sometimes she lets her dog star in videos! Her dog Lily shows up often, but her grandparent 's dog Molly  made a first appearance last weekend (even though Molly (the dog, Molly) has been adopted in September of 2018)!  AGSM Studios has been asking her parents for a few years if she could have a YouTube channel. She discovered AGTube before she discovered AG.  She is a berry member at AG. To find all this information (and more) watch AGSM Studios on YouTube (she says  all of this and more in her videos)! Make sure to subscribe to AGSM Studios on YouTube!