AGTube Mashups are annual videos that compile many AGTube videos posted in a year. The first one was created by AmericanGirl077, and was a mashup of 2011's AGTube videos. Since then, different AGTubers have made their own and posted them. Typically, the videos consist of different AGTube videos, with the song in the background being a mashup of the popular songs of that year.

History Edit

On January 1, 2012, AmericanGirl077 uploaded the first AGTube mashup titled "World Go Boom," after the song mashup she used for the video. The video became very popular, and inspired other AGTubers to continue it. On December 31, 2012, AGRainboots uploaded a mashup of 2012's AGTube videos, and AGTubers have been creating their own mashups since then.

Mashups Edit

2011: World Go Boom! ~ A Mashup of 2011's American Girl Doll videos (by AmericanGirl077)

2012: Shine Brighter ~ A Mashup of 2012's AGTube Videos (by AGRainboots)

2013: Living The Fantasy~A Mashup Of 2013 AGTube Videos (by TheAmericangirlover1)

2014: AGTube in 2014 - an AGTube mashup (by AGLovestudiox)

2014: ☆AGtube Mashup 2014☆ (by PinkSparklesAG) (Private Video)

2015: AGTube in 2015 ~ an AGTube Mashup (by AGLovestudiox)

2015: AGTUBE MASHUP 2015 (by C&C Productions)

2016: AGTube Mashup 2016 (by agloviesparkles)

2017: AGTube Mashup 2017 (by AGMusicProductions)

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