AGMV- short for American Girl Music Video. Music videos can be made as stop motions, live action, or using editing apps.

AGSM- short for American Girl Stop Motion. A stop motion consists of putting a doll in a pose, and taking photos of her slowly moving. Then putting those photos into an editing system makes the dolls look like they are moving on their own.

AGPS- short for American Girl Photo Shoot. Some AGTubers will take photos of their dolls and upload them into a video on YouTube rather than Instagram.

AGP- short for American Girl Place; one of American Girl's retail stores.

AGOT/AGT- short for American Girl of Today/American Girl Today, the earliest version of the Truly Me line.

JLY- stands for Just Like You, the former name of the My American Girl line.

MAG- stands for My American Girl, the former name of the Truly Me line.

TM- stands for Truly Me, a line of dolls by American Girl.

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