AG Rachel is a smaller AGtuber. She has four dolls, one of which is not AG Brand. Currently, she is fifteen. At one point, she had made a comeback to her videos after leaving them for about six months. More recently, she removed her videos and changed her channel name to "Rachel Burch."

Dolls Edit

Lilo Ann Copel

Piper Alice Copel (Renamed Kit)

Saige Marie Copel (GOTY 2013)

Zoe Nicole Copel (MAG 59)

Trivia Edit

After interviewing her, she said, "I want to do more photography with Saige and Zoe. This is why I can't wait for spring time!" Rachel also mentioned another doll perhaps being added to the 'Copel family,' as she calls them.

AG Rachel uses a simple camera, which she commented on "not having the best quality, but having the best memory." She uses Windows Movie Live Maker. She admires basilmentos and HeartAG, to name a few.

Links Edit


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