Agdoll z is a popular AGTuber. She has since left the community. She sold eleven of her eighteen dolls and made a "Goodbye" livestream.

All of her dolls (January 2016)

-Felicity Merriman (Retired Historical)

-Nalani Akina (Renamed GOTY 2011)

-Brielle Smith (Custom Caroline)

-Cerulean Moana (Custom Saige)

-Juniper MaCntire (Renamed Molly)

-Nicki Fleming (GOTY 2007)

-Sabrina Thompson (MAG 60)

-Leighton Palmer (GOTY 2014)

-Emerson Parks (Renamed Samantha)

-Mikayla Thomas (Renamed GOTY 2015

-Avalon Prince (Renamed Caroline)

-Ember Forestman (TM 64)

-Maisie Simmons (MAG 61)

-Holland Walker (Renamed Addy)

-Maymee-Rose Larkin (Renamed Maryellen)

-Haven West (Custom Cecile)

-Harwin West (TM 62)

-Hero Clark (Renamed GOTY 2016)

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