Agoverseasfan is an AGTube channel with over 588,000 subscribers. She posts videos ranging from stopmotions to room setups to haul videos. She has 27 dolls and is 22 years old.

Dolls Edit

  1. Nellie O'Malley
  2. Maryellen Larkin
  3. Penelope
  4. Molly McIntire
  5. Addy
  6. Isabelle Palmer
  7. Pandora
  8. McKenna Brooks
  9. Chrissa Maxwell
  10. Lanie Holland
  11. Mia St. Clair
  12. Sonali Matthews
  13. Kanani Akina
  14. Matilda Grace
  15. Lea Clark
  16. Jade
  17. Emma Rose
  18. Rupert
  19. Charlie Prim
  20. Poppy Olivia
  21. Luna Willow
  22. Tori Violet
  23. Penny
  24. Ginger Iris
  25. Lollie Fern
  26. Lily Ella
  27. Nova Blossom

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