Agpals is a popular Agtuber. She is friends with MixiePixie7, AGSnaphots, and JellyBean585.

Her Dolls,

  1. Julie Ann Albright (Historical)
  2. Madison Ivy Albright (Historical ; exchanged for Ella)
  3. Cara Jane Albright (Bitty Baby)
  4. Taylor May Albright (MAG 24)
  5. Emma Skylar Albright (MAG 23)
  6. Nikki Avril Albright (MAG 33)
  7. Keely Lydia Albright (MAG 35)
  8. Trinity Hope Albright (MAG 48; now boy doll with Monique Wig named Lucas Cody)
  9. Mckenize Lee Albright (MAG 55)
  10. Caroline Brooke Albright (MAG 27)
  11. Ocean Brielle Albright (MAG 42)
  12. Ella Lauren (Renamed Caroline Abbott)

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