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Basilmentos is an AGTube account run by Anna. She created it on Sep 11, 2009. She is famous for her American Girl Stop Motions. Many, including Anna herself, refer to her as 'Anna Basilmentos'. She also posts pictures on her Instagram @annabasilmentos. She also has a blog and posts on there every now and then. She was inspired by Stephenswodadancer and Girloftheyearstudios.

Dolls Edit

Felicity Merriman (Historical)

Samantha Parkington (Historical)

Sonali (Nali) Matthews (GOTY 2009 Friend)

Sarah Turner (MAG 27)

Eva Adele (Renamed Kanani)

Julia (MAG #38)

Gabrielle "Gabby" (MAG #58)

Eleanor "Ellie" (JLY #4)

Camille (MAG #61)

Lucia (TM #28)

Addy (Custom)

Alex (Z Yang)

Series Edit

Anna has made many series, including:

Things That Go Bump In The Night (2010)

What Happens In The Woods (2011)

Cabin 4 (2012)

Lost Princess (2017)

Movies Edit

Anna has also made many AGSM movies, including:

Jessie's New Friend (2010)

Sisters Forever (2011)

Lost (2011)

Christmas Eve (2011)

Supergirls (2012)

Lost 2 (2012)

Overshadowed (2013)

Midsummer Magic (2013)

Giving Christmas (2013)

Prom (2014)

The Santa Snatch (2014)

Lost Dog! (2014)

Trapped In Time (2015)

The Santa Swap (2015)

Mermaid Cove (2016)

Dogwood Forest (2017)

Trivia Edit

Her doll Sarah's foot was signed by stephenswodadancer.

She opened up an Etsy shop in 2016 where she sells merchandise for dolls.

Links Edit


Backup Channel:




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