CameraCuties is an AGtube channel owned by identical twins Rebekah and Kerri. They make stopmotions, tags, and more. They currently have 7K subscribers as of November 2017.

Dolls Edit

  1. Michelle (JLY #19)
  2. Addy (Beforever)
  3. Kit (Beforever)
  4. Lea (GOTY 2016)
  5. Anna (TM #61)
  6. Isabelle (GOTY 2014)
  7. Anani (Renamed Nanea)

Series Edit

  • Lights, Camera, Michelle (LCM)

Trivia Edit

  • The camera they use is a Canon Rebel t5.
  • Their editors are Final Cut Pro X, iMovie, and iStopmotion.
  • They are good friends with mixiepixie7; they have written letters to each other.
  • Their email for AGtube is
  • They joined October 10, 2014, but didn't start posting until July 1, 2016.
  • They have had over a million views total as of September 2017.
  • They stated in their collection video that Michelle is a lookalike of them.

Links Edit



Behind-The-Scenes Channel:

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