DollSpace 01 is a small AGTube channel, created October 30th 2016. In her first video, Jennifer did the "American Girl Crafting Challenge" (created by AGChloeandZoe). In this video she states "I decided to create a YouTube channel, to share with others my passion for dolls". She makes DIYs, room tours, stop-motions, review, and many more types of videos.

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Dolls Edit

  1. Jenna Katherine Tuttle (Bitty Baby- blonde hair/blue eyes)
  2. Lauren Marie Gordon (Madame Alexander- Key to My Heart)
  3. Kori Olivia Lucas (Lee Middleton- I Love Sports)
  4. Amelia Faith Gordon (Glorex Doll- ca. 1950s)
  5. Patience Anne Tuttle (Our Generation- From Hair to There)
  6. Emily Rose Bayfield (MAG #12)
  7. Tenney Elizabeth Grant (Contemporary)
  8. Xander Cooper Gordon (custom boy doll)
  9. Marie Grace Bayfield (custom Marie Grace Gardner)
  10. Bethany Mae Gordon (Porcelain Doll from Germany)
  11. Lindsey Noel Bayfield (GOTY)
  12. Samantha Lynn Parkington (WB

Links Edit

YOUTUBE: DollSpace 01

INSTAGRAM: @dollspace.01