foreveranddollways is a YouTube channel owned by Heart. She created her channel on April 21, 2012, and has over 39,000 subscribers. She mainly creates live videos such as opinions and storytime videos, as well as doll customizations and opening videos.

Dolls Edit

  • Madiline Morgan Rock (JLY #29)
  • Annabelle Skylar Rock (JLY #55)
  • Elise May Roseheart (JLY #56)
  • Riley Elizabeth Waters (MAG #27)
  • Morgan Grace Sable (MAG #41)
  • Penelope Rae Abbott (Renamed Caroline)
  • Troy Evan Young (Custom)
  • Genivieve Bleu Thomas (Renamed Grace)
  • Evangeline Kylie Bosch (TM #46)
  • Audrey Tess Winters (Custom Doll)
  • Saylor Delilah Clark (Renamed Lea)
  • Lila Indian Monroe (Custom)
  • Phyllis Ann Norling (Custom)
  • Wren Cara Akina (Renamed Kanani)
  • Lennon Grae Anderson (Custom)
  • Skylar Jane Holliday (TM #49)
  • Madison Kay Winn (TM #66)
  • Jade Ivy Yang (Z Yang)
  • Gemma Lynn Williams (CYO)

Series Edit

Some of her series include:

  • Top Tens With Riley
  • Emotion Absense
  • Seven Reasons
  • Good Morning American Girl
  • We Survived
  • The Music Hidden Beneath Me
  • Elise May Cooking Show
  • The Foster Child

Trivia Edit

  • She joined April 21, 2012.
  • She has 29K subscribers as of 2017.
  • She has a vlog channel called Foreverandvlogways
  • She uses Wondershare Filmora to edit her videos.
  • She uses the Canon EOS Rebel t6i.
  • She used to have a channel called AGdolls22002.
  • She once stated that she was half white and half Vietnamese.
  • Her real name is Madison.

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