Foreveranddollways is a channel owned by Heart. She mostly does live videos and with themes such as opinions and storytime, but she doesn't make very many AGSMs.

Dolls Edit

  • Madiline Morgan Rock (JLY #29)
  • Annabelle Skylar Rock (JLY #55)
  • Elise May Roseheart (JLY #56)
  • Riley Elizabeth Waters (MAG #27)
  • Morgan Grace Sable (MAG #41)
  • Penelope Rae Abbott (Caroline Abbott)
  • Troy Evan Young (Custom Boy Doll)
  • Genivieve Bleu Thomas (Grace, GOTY 2015)
  • Evangeline Kylie Bosch (TM #46)
  • Audrey Tess Winters (Custom Doll)
  • Saylor Delilah Clark (Lea, GOTY 2016)
  • Lila Indian Monroe (Custom Doll)
  • Phyllis Ann Norling (Custom Doll)
  • Wren Cara Akina (Kanani, GOTY 2011)
  • Lennon Grae Anderson (Custom Doll)
  • Skylar Jane Holliday (TM #49)
  • Madison Kay Winn (TM #66)
  • Jade Ivy Yang (Z Yang)

Series Edit

Some of her series include:

  • Top Tens With Riley
  • Emotion Absense
  • Seven Reasons
  • Good Morning American Girl
  • We Survived
  • The Music Hidden Beneath Me
  • Elise May Cooking Show

Trivia Edit

  • She joined April 21, 2012.
  • She has 29K subscribers as of 2017.
  • She has a vlog channel called Foreverandvlogways
  • She once stated that she was half white and half Vietnamese.
  • She uses Wondershare Filmora to edit her videos.
  • She uses the Canon EOS Rebel t6i.

Links: Edit



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