Origin Edit

No one knows the specifics of when AGTube came to be, however some of the earliest traces date back to 2007. Many of the most popular agtubers today were inspired by older agtubers. These agtubers may or may not still be around. Specifically undosginger inspired girloftheyearstudios and stephenswodadancer inspired basilmentos.

AGtubers consist of people of all ages, and are not even limited to girls only. Being a part of the AGTube community allows you to make videos with any American Girl doll you wish and upload them to YouTube. Agtubers often can have hundreds of thousands of subscribers, such as Chloe's American Girl Doll Channel, and some have as few as less than a hundred, such as Ariana the Great.

Content Edit

AGTubers are known to post a variety of videos ranging from how to's to opening videos to stopmotions. When AGTube first started, live videos were most common. Nowadays, AGTubers will post mainly stopmotions or how-to type videos.

Pros Edit

One great thing about AGTube is the community. It is usually pretty easy to make friends on AGTube and the community is pretty supportive. AGTubers can also collaborate with each other without having to meet up in person to make a video; they are able to send each other clips and make a video together.

Cons Edit

American Girl has been known to take down videos for whatever reason they feel the need to. Another issue is very common in AGTube: leaving the community. Many AGTubers leave without warning because they feel they are growing out of dolls, which has been overall taking away from the AGTube community.

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