mixiepixie7 is a popular AGTuber who mainly creates stop-motions with her American girl dolls. She is known for her annual Sophie Awards, which is the first AGTube Awards show to be created. It has been around since 2013 and is hosted by her doll Sophie-Claire Biles.


Dolls In The MixiePixie7 Household Edit

  1. Molly Elizabeth McIntire (Retired Historical)
  2. Nellie Hope O'Malley
  3. Samantha Anne Parkington (Historical)
  4. Sophie-Claire Biles (JLY 27)
  5. Emma Catherine Matthews (MAG 25)
  6. Reid Cooper Johnson (Custom Boy Doll)
  7. Cassie Nicole Wilson (MAG 29)
  8. Linzi Faith White (MAG 47)
  9. Saige Lauren Copeland (GOTY 2013)
  10. Brynn Elise Morris (MAG 58)
  11. Asa Lane Johnson (Custom Boy Doll)

Dolls Outside of the MixiePixie7 Family Edit

  1. Gabriella McBride (GOTY 2017)
  2. Jonah McConnell (Custom Boy Doll)
  3. Jess McConnell (GOTY 2006)
  4. Kit Kittredge (Historical)
  5. Ruthie Smithens (Retired)(Historical)( Best Friend)
  6. Julie Albright (Historical) (retired)
  7. Lanie Holland (GOTY 2010) (retired)
  8. Melody Elison (Beforever)
  9. Lizzie Smiteredge (Just like you 23)
  10. Trevor (custom boy doll)

Currently Undecided and Unused Dolls Edit

  1. Rebecca Rubin (Beforever)

Personal Life Edit

  • She was born on December 7, 1999.
  • She lives Texas.
  • She plays volleyball.
  • She was recently accepted into college.

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