PepperAltoids is an AGtuber with over 400 subscribers as of September 2017. She goes by the name Kate and she joined April 14, 2013. Her videos are mainly stopmotions, but she has done a few series and photoshoots.

Dolls Edit

  1. Kitty Kat (JLY #55)
  2. Layla M. Kat (JLY #41)
  3. Betsy Kazumba (JLY #40)
  4. Kirsty Larson (JLY #3)
  5. Molly McIntire
  6. Kaya
  7. Ruthie Smithens
  8. Kirsten Larson
  9. Samantha Parkington
  10. Etaoin Teagan Boyle (JLY #61)
  11. Grace Thomas
  12. Coraline (Custom doll)

Series Edit

  • A Doll's Pajama Jam
  • The Comedies of Betsy and Kitty
  • Nature Dolls of Caranaff Alley
  • School of Aloidia (unfinished)

Trivia Edit

  • Her favorite movie is Coraline and made a Coraline custom.
  • Her last upload was a year ago ("School of Aloidia Episode 4 Season 1)

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