Rainbow Lollipop Production is a YouTube channel created by Rainy in July 6th 2014. Her first video was called,"American Girl Short Film: The Fancy Ball", and it was a live-action video. The channel has over 20,000 subscribers and stop-motions are usually posted there nowadays.

Dolls* Edit

Elizabeth Cole (historical)

Jennifer Jane Lewis (MAG 61)

Kit Kittredge (historical)

Kanani Akina (GOTY 2011)

Anni Lavender Rivers (Truly Me 47)

Rebecca Rubin (historical, customized with Marie-Grace wig)

Eddie Wilder (custom boy)

*Dolls are in no particular order, some are her sister's) Edit

Trivia Edit

Her doll Elizabeth has her own Instagram account (@elizabethh_cole).

She straightened her Rebecca's hair.

She has a backup channel called Rainbow Lollipop BTS

She began the tag '#SpreadAGTubeLove' on YouTube in 2016.

She won the Sophie Awards category "Best Stopmotions" in 2016.

She has her own Etsy shop.

Links Edit



Elizabeth's Instagram:


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