Rainbow Lollipop Production is a YouTube channel created in July 6th 2014. Her first video was called,"American Girl Short Film: The Fancy Ball", it is a live-action video. The creator goes by the name Rainy. The channel has over 20,000 subscribers and stop-motions are usually posted there nowadays. In 2016 she won a Sophie Award for best stop-motions of AGtube and she hosted a contest ( Rainy's SUPERMEGAAWESOME contest).


  1. Her doll Elizabeth has her own instagram (@elizabethh_cole)!
  2. She straightened her Rebecca's hair.
  3. She has a backup channel called Rainbow Lollipop BTS
  4. She began the hashtag ,'#SpreadAGTubeLove', in 2016

Dolls (in no particular order, some are her sisters/shared.)

  1. Elizabeth Cole (historical)
  2. Jennifer Jane Lewis (MAG 61)
  3. Kit Kittredge (historical)
  4. Kanani Akina (GOTY 2011)
  5. Anni Lavender Rivers (Truly Me 47)
  6. Rebecca Rubin (historical, customized with Marie-Grace wig)
  7. Eddie Wilder (custom boy)

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