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Rockstar13studios is a channel on AGTube that is best know for stop motions. Rockstar13studios was created in 2012 by Leia Everett, who is also known as her AGTube name, Mikey. She wants to be a film director someday. She makes short films with people on her human channel Frog City. (

Dolls Edit

Eloise Evans (Custom #29)

Jazz Fenton (Custom #33)

Emerson Galway (Custom #12)

Audrey Coleman (Ruthie Smithens)

Shannon O'Flaherty (#61)

Danny Fenton (Pleasant Company Kirsten)

Series Edit

Lost (2012)

The Lodge Vacation (2014)

Playing with Fire (2015)

#EloiseRules (2017)

Movies Edit

Eloise and the Talent Show (2013)

Emerson's Hawaiian Vacation (2014)

Eloise and the Talent Show- Live Action (2014)

Audrey's California Vacation (2014)

The Great Outdoor Adventure (2015)

The Ultimate Competition (2015)

Kittypet to Warrior (2015)

Wildwood (2016)

Trivia Edit

Shannon's foot is signed by Cristina from sparkfireproductions.

Links Edit

Main Website:



Behind the Scenes YouTube:

Behind the Scenes Instagram:


Human Channel:

Human Instagram:

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