Rockstar13studios is a channel on AGTube that is best known for stop motions. Rockstar13studios was created in 2012 by Mikey, who's real name is Leia. She wants to be a film director someday. Leia makes human films on her other channel Frog City

Dolls Edit

  1. Eloise Jessica Evans (Custom #29)
  2. Jazmin-Marie "Jazz" Alexandria Fenton (Custom #33)
  3. Emerson Alyssa Winters (Custom #12)
  4. Audrey Josephine Coleman (Ruthie Smithens)
  5. Shannon Elaine O'Flaherty (#61)
  6. Daniel "Danny" James Fenton (Pleasant Co. Kirsten)

Series Edit

  • Playing with Fire (2015)
  • #EloiseRules (2016- )

Movies Edit

  • Eloise and the Talent Show (2013)
  • Eloise and the Talent Show- Live Action (2014)
  • The Ultimate Competition (2015)
  • Wildwood (2016)

Trivia Edit

  • She has a younger sister
  • Her personal channel is called Frog City
  • She lives in Portland Oregon
  • She directed a Percy Jackson web series in 2017
  • She is in band at school and plays saxophone, but plays guitar outside school
  • She's a snowboarder
  • She used to want to be an Olympic figure skater or a singer
  • Shannon's foot is signed by Cristina from sparkfireproductions.

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