1. Know what you are doing. You can practice in The Sandbox.
  2. Please try to put accurate information on the pages, and don't vandalize them with negative content.
  3. The information should not be in first person (I, me, my, we, etc.)
  4. Make sure the information related to the article topic.
  5. Don't delete entire pages of information.
  6. No duplicate pages; be sure to check The List!
  7. If a page is too short, it's ok! Just put in in the stub category.
  8. Please be nice and respectful to everyone on here! Remember Chrissa; no bullying!
  9. Please refrain from negative or offensive comments as well.
  10. Don't put opinionated information on a page (i. e. She's the best AGTuber ever, etc.); that's what the comments section is for!
  11. Have fun!

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