SM Network is a channel on AGTube run by a girl named Sydney (and formerly Madison). It launched on January 5, 2014. She posts mainly stopmotions, though she does post opening videos from time to time.


Ivy (JLY 16)

Nicki (GOTY 2007)

Julie (Historical)

Chrissa (GOTY 2009)

Lanie (GOTY 2010)

Kit (Historical)

Kanani (GOTY 2011)

Ruthie (Best Friend)

Caroline (Historical)

Sierra (MAG 30)

Sydney (MAG 59)

Saige (GOTY 2013)

Isabelle (GOTY 2014)

Anna (MAG 13)

Kaya (BeForever)

Felicity (Historical)

Opal (Renamed Josefina)

Abigail (MAG 24)

Grace (GOTY 2015)

Ocean (MAG 47)

Summer (TM 44)

Marisol (GOTY 2005)

Beth (Renamed Addy)

Shelly (TM 21)

Emily (Best Friend)

Maryellen (BeForever)

Lindsey (GOTY 2001)

Lea (GOTY 2016)

Molly (Historical)

April (TM 49)

Jade (TM 60)

Beckie (Renamed Rebecca)

Samantha (Historical)

Melody (BeForever)

Sonali (GOTY 2009 Friend)

Gwen (GOTY 2009 Friend)

Rose (MAG 36)

Mia (GOTY 2008)

Willow (Renamed Willa)

Jessica (Custom MAG 13 with freckles and a prosthetic leg)

McKenna Brooks (GOTY 2012)

Lynlee Elliot (TM 19)

Emerald Chase (TM 65)

Mayah Veranda (TM 66)

Ashlyn Willburg (WellieWisher)

Nellie O'Malley (Best Friend)

Marie-Grace Gardner (Historical)

Camille ElGraw (WellieWisher)

Maesi Myers (TM 53)

Gabriela McBride (GOTY 2017)

Hope Zhang-Williams (TM 54)

Kendall (WellieWisher)

Amelia (MAG 2)

Ella (TM 52)

Emerson (WellieWisher)

Teni (Renamed Tenney)

Logan (Contemporary Character)

May (TM 26)

Trivia Edit

Sydney was inspired to create her own line of dolls with disabilities because she has a disability and was frustrated that AG had not yet released a doll with a disability.

SM stands for Sydney and Madison.

Sydney also has a blog in which she posts leaks and more.

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