The Sophie Awards is an AGTube awards ceremony created by mixiepixie7 in 2013. The show is run by Micah's doll, Sophie Claire Biles. This show was created to help get smaller AGTubers discovered, and since then, AGTubers all over the world have tuned in to see who won.

History Edit

On August 9, 2013, mixiepixie7 posted a video titled "THE SOPHIE AWARDS," which announced the first Sophie Awards ceremony and the categories to nominate AGTubers for. On September 6, 2013, the first Sophie Awards ceremony was posted.

Process Edit

First, Micah uploads a video announcing the Sophie Awards of that year and the categories. This begins the nomination period, where you can vote for which AGTuber you think best fits the category. Only AGTubers with less than 3,000 subscribers can be nominated for the categories, excluding Best Overall, in which you can nominate anyone with less than 5,000. Micah then decides who received the most nominations, and then announces the top five nominated AGTubers. Then, you can vote again for each category.

Once voting is complete, Micah privately messages the winners of each category informing them that they won and to send them a voiceover. Micah then chooses one of her or her friends' dolls that the winner has, and makes the stopmotion as if the winner's doll is actually there. Once the video is uploaded, AGTubers who have won in the Sophie Awards can pick their prize, though most decide to do a collaboration with Micah.

Ceremonies Edit

2013: September 6, 2013

2014: July 20, 2014

2015: July 25, 2015

2016: July 27, 2016

2017: July 29, 2017

2018: July 28,2018

Winners Edit

2013 Edit

Best Dressed: BeenaandDeena

Best Stopmotion: FiveDollStars

Best Photography: agoverseasfan

Best Live Video: AGSnapshots

Best Series: mixiepixie7 with "The Remainders"

Best Overall: Agpals

2014 Edit

Best Stopmotion: Laniehollandstudios

Best Photography: sparkfireproductions

Best Dressed: kgcuties

Best Series: AGhellokitty with "Do You Believe in Ghosts?"

Best Overall: AGSmiless

2015 Edit

Best Series: americangirl1120 with "Plot Twist"

Best Hairstyles: PinkSparklesAG

Best Stopmotions: DarlingDollies

Best Photography: pupukeagirl

Best Dressed: Agdoll z

Best Overall: cameraclickag

2016 Edit

Best AGSM: Rainbow Lollipop Productions

Best Series: agbrownies with "Pixie Place"

Best Dressed: Loveliveautum

Best Photography: C&C Productions

Best Custom: Ariana AGDollDiary

Best Overall: DubaiDollGirl

2017 Edit

Best Stopmotions: BlueFlowerAGstudios

Best Summer Movie: Dolly Wood Studios with "Escape from the Edge"

Best Dressed: AGcinnamonstudios

Best Series: AG Darlings with "The Faerie's Keep"

Best Photography: Purple Sisters AG

Best Overall: 4HappyHippos

Links Edit

2013 Ceremony:

2014 Ceremony:

2015 Ceremony:

2016 Ceremony:

2017 Ceremony: