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The Sophie Awards is an Awards Show where people of all ages compete to win a Sophie Award. This show is run by Mixiepixie7's doll, Sophie Claire Biles. This show has gone on since 2013, and was made to help get smaller AGTubers discovered. Since then, AGTubers all over the world have tuned in to see who won.

Entering Process Edit

How it works is there is a nomination period, where you can nominate your favorite AGTuber for categories such as Best Series, Best Dressed Dolls, and Best Overall. Only AGTubers with less than 3,000 subscribers can be nominated for all except Best Overall, in which you can nominate anyone with less than 5,000. Micah (Mixiepixie7) then decides who got the most nominations, and narrows to top five per category. Then comes voting.

Awards Ceremony Process Edit

Once voting is complete, Micah privately messages the winner telling them they won, and to send them a voiceover. Micah chooses one of her dolls that the winner has, and uses her amazing skills to make it seem as if the doll is really there. Once the video is up, AGTubers who have won the Sophie Awards can 'pick their prizes'. Most people decide to do a collab with Micah.

Trivia Edit

Micah uses her dolls and her friends' dolls to act as the winners, then lets the winner do a voiceover so it seems as if the winner's doll is really on stage.

The Sophie Awards are usually released over the summer.

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