Stephenswodadancer is a YouTube account run by Sarah. She is probably one of the best known AGTubers. She has 43 dolls. She is considered one of the oldest AGTubers. Her last video was posted in 2015, but then made a comeback in late July of 2017 with an All My Dolls video.

Dolls Edit

Samantha and Nellie

Kit and Ruthie

Julie and Suri (Ivy)

Felicity (Makynli) and Elizabeth Kirsten (Dakota) Emily Rebecca (Rory) Josefina (Leah) Sammi (Samantha #2) Kiley (Kit #2) Kaya (Not yet renamed but she will be) Lindsey (2001) Kailey (2003) Marisol (Deziree) (2005) Jess (2006) Nicki (Blake) (2007) Mia (2008) Chrissa (2009) Sonali (Celeste) (2009) Gwen (Ashlyn) (2009) Lanie (Rosalie) (2010) Kanani (2011) McKenna (2012) Alyssa (#3) Allison (#6) Regan (#22) Paige (#23) Brooklyn (#24) Hayden (#25) Kendall (#28)

Savannah (#29) Callie (#37) Skylar (#49) Grace Lynn (#40) Layla (#47) Hadley (#44) Josalyn (#57)

Shirley Ann (Custom JLY #3) Aubrey (Gotz) Katie (Gotz) Riley (Bitty Baby)

Emery (Bitty Baby)

Sophie (Bitty Baby) Madilyn Danielle (Brunette medium skin) Zoey (Reborn)

Chloe (Reborn)

Aubrey (Reborn)

Trivia Edit

She got married in 2012.

She is sometimes referred to "The big sister of AGTube" since she was one of the first AGTubers and inspired many others such as Basilmentos.

She has a son who is 2 years old as of 2017.

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