TheAG11Studios is a channel owned by Kay. She created it on May 9, 2012, and has over 1,500 subscribers. She is known for her series The Escape Artists, which led to her being nominated for a Sophie Award in 2017.

Dolls Edit

Samantha Parkington (Historical)

Tessa O'Malley (Renamed Nellie)

Juliette Albright (Renamed Julie)

Molly McIntire (Historical)

Kirsten (Historical)

Raelynn Smithens (Renamed Ruthie)

Elizabeth Cole (Historical)

Katelyn Kitteredge (Renamed Kit)

Emma Bennett (Renamed Emily)

Josefina Montoya (Historical)

Becca Rubin (Historical)

Carolina Ramsay (Renamed Caroline)

Porcelain Ramsay (Renamed Saige)

Primrose Everdeen (MAG 24)

Grace Maria Gardner (Renamed Marie-Grace)

Cecilia Rey (Renamed Cecile)

Skye Ling (Renamed Ivy)

Julius Lockwood (Custom)

Carson Quarry (Custom)

Lilac Thomas (Renamed Grace)

Adele Palmer (Renamed Isabelle)

Zyla Cartwright (Custom)

Addy Walker (Historical)

Kaya (Historical)

Teralyn Edwards (MAG 38)

Sylvia Edwards (Renamed Maryellen)

Alexa Flemming (Renamed Nicki)

Lyra Clark (Renamed Lea)

Eliza Brooks (GOTY 2012)

Gabriela McBride (GOTY 2017)

Tenney Grant (Contemporary)

Logan Everett (Contemporary)

Leilani Akina (Renamed Kanani)

Lanie Holland (GOTY 2010)

Lucy Vega (Renamed Luciana)

Malia Mitchell (Renamed Nanea)

Tyler Harrison (Custom)

Series Edit

Spel River (January 31, 2015 - February 13, 2016)

The Escape Artists (July 8, 2015 - October 7, 2017)

Somnia (January 20, 2018 - Present)

Trivia Edit

She re-customized her boy doll, Carson, into Zyla.

She was nominated for a Sophie Award in 2017 for Best Series and made it into the Top 5.

She was nominated for an AGMusic Award in 2018 and made it into the Top Nominees.

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