Ashley taking a selfie with her 4 favorites; (From left to right) Caroline, Mia, Sierra-Rain, Anastasia
Theamericangirls99 is an older channel run by Ashley. She's been a member of AGTube since December 7th, 2009. She used to share her channel. She is fairly popular. She is friends with sm0ldolls, AGHeart, AGArtist, and Random American Girl Dolls, which she calls "Squad Impossible." She is also a part of what she calls the 2FAB4U family with sm0ldolls and AGguydoll (her older brother). She is known to be a writer, an aspiring actress, and obsessed with Pretty Little Liars.

Dolls Edit

Elizabeth Cole

Nellie O'Malley

Mia St. Clair

Samantha Parkington

Brandi Kyleson (#41)

Felicity Merriman

Rebecca Rubin

Hannah Panetierre (#39)

Nicki Fleming

Jade West (Custom)

Chrissa Maxwell

Alyson Lacy Mitchell (#22)

Kanani Akina

McKenna Brooks

Caroline Abbott

Sonali Matthews

Gwen Thompson

Saige Copeland

Savannah Panetierre (#60)

Molly McIntire

Emily Bennett

Isabelle Palmer

Lanie Holland

Marie Grace Gardener

Cecile Rey

Violet Olivia Parker (#49)

Sierra Rayn Hayes (#30)

Ruthie Smithens

Anastasia Adeline Wolff (#55)

Grace Thomas

History Edit

Ashley originally started the channel with her friend, an unnamed girl that goes by the initials AM. About a year into the channel being born -on December 7th, 2009- AM left the channel for other opportunities. For privacy reasons, Ashley went by her initials AK until 2012, when she released her first name and face. Ashley's first doll was Elizabeth Cole, whom she got December 25, 2005.

Personal Life Edit

Ashley's parents have been divorced since she was five. She was ill with Chronic Lyme Disease and Babesia for almost 6 years. She has missed most of high school, and just earned her Learner's Permit. She is currently working on getting her GED and her driver's license.

Other Interests Edit

Not only is theamericangirls99 a channel for AG, but also Barbie and Bratz. Ashley used to have a separate channel for these doll brands (which is now no longer in use), but they are now joined into one. Ashley's channel isn't only for dolls. She also does openings and LPs of games for the 3DS and WiiU, does Sims (3 and 4) videos and challenges, and plays online games as well! She also had a gaming channel (making her have had 3 total separate Youtube channels) that she also merged into her original channel (making her gaming channel no longer in use either).

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