Wildwood is an AGSM movie made by rockstar13studios. At just 35 minutes, it is considered one of the longest AGSM movies on YouTube. It is based off of a book by Colin Meloy.

Plot Edit

Prue McKeel’s life is turned upside down when her baby brother is kidnapped by crows. Along with her friend Curtis, she embarks on a dangerous journey into the Impassible Wilderness- the vast forest that occupies outer reaches of the riverside city of Portland, Oregon. But Prue and Curtis run into something that they never anticipated. They become stuck in a war for freedom, in an unknown world in the midst of a violent upheaval. Prue and Curtis have always thought of the dense tangle of forest as somewhere that no one has ever gone in-- which they find to have changed. To the locals, that forest is known as Wildwood.

Cast Edit

Prue McKeel: Eloise Evans

Curtis Mehlberg: Danny Fenton

Alexandra: Shannon O'Flaherty

Brendan: Jazz Fenton

Iphigenia: Emerson Galway

Iris: Shannon O'Flaherty

Roger: Danny Fenton

Governor Lars Svik: Danny Fenton

Crown Prince: Danny Fenton

Governor Assistant: Shannon O'Flaherty

Mrs. McKeel: Emerson Winters

Mr. McKeel: Danny Fenton

Mrs. Mehlberg: Audrey Coleman

Samuel: Danny Fenton

Northwood Guard: Audrey Coleman

Links Edit

Wildwood Movie:

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