WorldofAGstudios is an older YouTube channel run by Lexi. She created her channel on December 27, 2010 and has over 18,000 subs. She is friends with AmericanGirl088. Though she has not posted a video since 2014, she recently posted on her Instagram asking if people would come to her livestream.

Dolls Edit

Ally Grace Freeman (JLY 16)

Julie Paige Albright (Historical)

Kit Marget Kittredge (Historical)

Cici Natalie Moore (MAG 33)

Kanani Carly Akina (GOTY 2011)

Ivy Raine Ling (Historical Friend)

Ginger Destiny Akonor (MAG 44)

Emily Marie Dott (MAG 23) 

Olive Avery Woods (MAG 36)

Chase Jacob Owens (Custom Boy Doll)

Saige Lily Copeland (GOTY 2013)

Links Edit






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